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10 Undeniable Reasons People Hate Themselves in Pictures

Marta Padysz Photographer

I believe that good visual content needs heart, skills and presence.

Pictures are meant to be fun. It is meant to be life, and a means to express happiness. However, the changes in opportunities have highlighted that the importance of a profile picture says a lot about someone on social media. For social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, it doesn’t matter how you pose except if your page for business purposes; but for LinkedIn, you must get an official profile picture.


Of Business Owners are not proud of their Profile Picture

 Because the truth is all this “photogenic thing’ is highly overrated. Sure, there are people who feel like a fish in water in front of the lens. But isn’t it sometimes because they feel good about themselves in general?

Here are some collected reasons why people don’t like themselves on the picture.

1. That’s not my good side

Oftentimes, people have their “good” side. When taking a photo, you might opt for that “good” side as you’re convinced you look better. If you were forced to show your other side, you may be unhappy with the photo.

2. All the wrong lighting

Sunrise or sunset? The wrong lighting can also be a reason as to why you might not like the way you turned out in that picture.

3. Outfit remorse

Hearing “picture time” may cause instant panic as you regret the outfit you chose. Maybe you were too casual, too formal, or wished you didn’t look so much like your friend.

4. I should have got my nails done

When looking back at the photo, you may think you should have got you nails done, especially if your hands were captured in the photo.

5. I sure hope there’s an app for that

When reviewing the photo, you notice a zit! You’re hoping there’s an app that will fix it for you, otherwise, that could be the main focal point 😛

6. Photobomb Tom strikes again

Everything turned out for once, EXCEPT for Photobomb Tom that appeared somewhere in the photo. It’s time to ask your friend that’s a photoshop pro for help.

7. Bad hair day

It happens to all of us sometimes! Humidity, rain or other factors can result in frizz or a messy look that we can’t seem to fix in time for the photo.

8. I need a tan

Especially in the summer months, you may think having a tan would look better and give you a sun kissed glow. Without a tan, you may think you look too pale and washed out.

9. Man, I really need to get back to the gym

Seeing yourself in a photo may inspire you go back to the gym and consume a healthier diet. This happens most often when we compare ourselves to how we were in the past or how we envision ourselves to look in the future.

10. Teeth or no teeth

When taking a photo, we might smile with or without teeth. If were proud of our pearly whites, we will show them off, however, if we have braces or yellowish teeth, we may choose to keep our mouths closed in photos.

So what’s the conclusion?

If you don’t like yourself in photos, that’s fine. The question is if you want to do something about it. If yes, pause for a moment.

Provoke some questions, for example:

What brings you joy?

  • What can you give to yourself today?
  • Do you need more space for yourself? This simple exercise brings back self-acceptance and allows to stay present. Think twice. 

Photography is life because of the memories it creates. If you feel comfortable during the photoshoot you’ll always come back to those pics with a smiley. Period.

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