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  • Are you looking for a cool, professional head shot
    to use on LinkedInor your business website?
  • You have so much work to do, but having a picture
    is also important?
  • Do you want to look more professional and trustworthy?
  • You need a professional looking image to represent your brand?
  • Your current photo doesn’t show off your true individuality.


Say it with pictures.

Photo Icon Marta Padysz
Portfolio Marta Padysz

All Packages Include

  • Pre consultation to establish your goals
  • Guide “How to prepare yourself for Photo Session”
  • You don’t need to worry about anything. My “Step by step” guide will help you feel comfortable
  • My unique empathy skills, that will squeeze all the beauty inside out.

Extra Bonus

  • A handful of creativity.
  • A jar of inspiration.
  • A touch of human connection.
Portfolio Marta Padysz

* all delivered pictures are retouched to improve skin tone or imperfections

** if selected location is further than 20 km from studio, every 1 km counts 0.90 CH

*** additional photo is available for purchase for 30 CH per digital and 45 CH per printed

Covid safety is my priority. This is why outdoor sessions are the most popular selection just now. Proper distancing plus keeping limits of one client per day helps to stay under government restrictions.


No other person ever has, or ever will have, the unique blend of talents, strengths and perspective that you have.



Photo Icon Marta Padysz
Portfolio Marta Padysz
Portfolio Marta Padysz


We start from a short video call to discuss more details. After the call you’ll receive a workbook to summarise the goals and preperation tips.


As everything is ready to set we meet for a photoshoot day. Yikes! Now we focus on the established goal and comfortable settings.


Share your photoshoot with the world. Look great on the Internet and attract customers.

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