Branding Photography

You and your products need to be visible online.

I know that you want to be seen as a successful business owner.
To do this, you need to present yourself professionally on the Internet.
The problem is that your website photos or social media are old and out of date, which scares them away.
I believe that every enterprising person deserves to present herself well on the Internet. Let me help you make that transformation.

Brand Identity Portfolio
Event Photography

Event Photography

Do you organise trainings, workshops, yoga classes? Capturing those beautiful moments will help you build relationship with your attendees as well as give you material to promote in the future.


Product Photography

Still uploading random pics from your phone to online store? Show your products and let them shine. I’ll help you find a creative way to present your product online and ready to post Social Media stunning pictures.

Creative Photo Sessions


Are you dreaming of starting your own podcast or online course, but don’t know how to start? Do you want to start your adventure with YouTube, but technical editing is not your favorite activity? Order editing of movies, podcasts, vlogs or events.


For Whom?

Offer Padysz

* all delivered pictures are retouched to improve skin tone or imprefections

** if selected location is further than 20 km from studio, every 1km counts 0.90 CH

*** additional photo is available for purchase for 30 CH per digital and 45 CH per printed

Covid safety is my priority. This is why outdoor sessions are the most popular selection just now. Proper distancing plus keeping limits of one client per day helps to stay under goverment restrictions. 


All Packages Include

  • Pre consultation to establish your goals
  • Guide “How to prepare yourself for Photo Session”
  • You don’t need to worry about anything. My “Step by step” guide will help you feel comfortable
  • My unique empathy skills, that will squeeze all the beauty inside out.

Extra Bonus

  • A handful of creativity.
  • A jar of inspiration.
  • A touch of human connection.

No other person ever has, or ever will have, the unique blend of talents, strengths and perspective that you have.


Deep down, you know there’s something special you’re meant to do in this world. Whatever your dream is, whatever the call of your soul, whatever that thing is that makes you, you…

Let that spark your business. Let that which most moves you, that which most fires you up, that which most scares you, or inspires you, or pains you or pisses you off — let that be your driving motivation.


We start from a short video call to discuss more details. After the call you’ll receive a workbook to summarise the goals and preperation tips.


As everything is ready to set we meet for a photoshoot day. Yikes! Now we focus on the established goal and comfortable settings.


Share your photoshoot with the world. Look great on the Internet and attract customers.

Capturing your purpose, Cultivating your passion.

‘Ordinary’ does’t mean it’s not special enough to capture.

Tell me about your colors, tell me about your struggles, tell me about your purpose. I’d love to hear all that and become your guide to the visual world.

There’s a space for your message below. I’m very excited to hearing from you soon.

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Getting More Done Together.