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Social Media Package

Event video doesn’t have to be boring. It takes so much time to make all the preparation and then it’s just nice when visitors come and fill the rooms with their curiosity.

With me you don’t have to worry about what to publish on social media again.

Marta Padysz Photographer

What To Expect?

My main goal is to help small businesses with great potential to cleverly and effectively show their products and services through photos and videos. I want businesses to be able to provide a quality presentation of their offerings as well as enhance the customer experience by communicating their brand personality.


Tell me about your project and vision at cost-free online consultation.


I plan story board and brand vibe from the event.


I execute and make your vision a reality. You have ready to publish high quality visual content for Social Media and website.


Visual Services

I can help you tell your story in a professional and engaging way. I shoot photos and videos that are perfectly tailored to your brand, products, or services.


Profesional edits

Brand Story

Adjusted to your Brand Story


With respect for each individual


Saving time with ready to publish visual materials

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