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Designer meets Branding


Marta Padysz Photographer

How has it all started,

and how can you use branding photos? Branding photography is more than just a nice-to-have; it’s an essential part of your marketing strategy. It can help you stand out from the competition, increase conversions and build trust with your customers.

If you’re running a blog, business or a personal project, you’re probably aware of the importance of having good looking pictures that illustrate your content well. But you might not have the time for finding and posting high quality photos right now. That’s where I come in and save the day!

Marta Padysz Photographer
Marta Padysz Photographer
Marta Padysz Photography

step 1 – WHY

Your Story

You story matters. It’s how you connect with your clients. I want to hear that to in order to create a plan for your session.

I’m gonna ask you:

– who is your ideal client

– how it all started

– what is best selling product or servise ..ets

Marta Padysz Photographer
Marta Padysz Photographer
Marta Padysz Photographer

step 2 – WHAT

Being solopreneur means lots of things —but one of the most important is that you’re in charge of everything. You’re responsible for finding clients, managing your workload and making sure your business runs smoothly.

Marta Padysz Photography

step 3 – HOW

Every detail of your work

What detail represents your brand the most?


Silver spoon..

Yoga pants?

Material samples, color palette, mood boards. These are the essentials in Tacha’s stylist studio. These are the elements that help to touch, stimulate the imagination and convince the client to choose the right expert. Those are details that will attract perfect clients.

What is the most memorable item associated with your brand?

Marta Padysz Photographer
Marta Padysz Photographer
Marta Padysz Photographer
Marta Padysz Photography


But how do I know what format I need?

You have a load of pictures that you want to ship to me so I can post them for you on your brand new website. But, wait a moment…which format are they in, .jpeg, .png or .tiff? How large must the images be and how should the image file names be structured? Will this depend on the blog theme you choose? Do you have all that backed up? Well, Why not leave all that to me and we can just focus on the design of your site while I make sure that everything will be ready for posting.

What’s the plan?

Once you have your short description of the brand (who you are and what you do), we start building the brand mood board based on that. This includes major colors — a crucial part of your identity — location, detail photography, props, team mates etc.

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