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A storyteller, creative lensman or visual artist; whichever title you choose, I am essentially your camera comrade, and I am so glad you’re here.

Before I began my photographic passions, I worked in Digital Marketing Communication field. This is where I learnt the importance of branding and communicating a brands message to reap the business rewards. Fast forward a couple years later, my inspiration to create art through the camera became my fundamental purpose.

Deeply passionate about visual art, I became fascinated with capturing moments, and more importantly, providing a different perspective on the simplest of things.

Through creativity, I like to think everything is possible, and with a little space to express and capture, we can look beyond the surface and feel things on a deeper level.

This is the power behind my purpose, capturing the depth of a brand with the ability to evoke fresh perspectives, feeling and future of possibility.

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Marta Padysz Photographer

“love to travel, love to create” became the essence of my life. It’s hard to say what was the first or which triggers which. Those two seem to be good companions for each other and there is no reason to stop mixing them.
Do I travel to take photos or take photos because I travel? Really I don’t know yet. Does it even matter?

When I’m not with the camera in my hands, I’m reading. Or I do yoga. Or just alive. Just living is an art that I learn all the time.


Find yourself three passions. First, that makes your living. Next, that keeps you creative. Third, that keeps you healthy and balanced.

– Marta Padysz

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