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Photo and Video Maker

My story is about a girl who grew up in the countryside and has always loved being surrounded by nature. She wanted to be an artist and express herself through images.

How does this relate to business?

Now, I know how difficult it is to go out into the big world with the fragility of a sensitive person. I know how much courage it costs to show my talents and the history of establishing my own company.

How I work?

I create in silence and with empathy. After we work together, you will regain your voice and get a folder of materials ready for publication.

You will focus on filling the calendar with orders and trimming the right customers. Phew, finally.

I share ideas, but you are the one who puts the dot on the “and”. We work together and with courage, because I know that showing what is fragile is the basis of every story.

In free time?

When I don’t hold the camera in my hands, I practice yoga, hike in the Alps and learn German.

Marta Padysz Photographer Colorado

Find yourself three passions. First, that makes your living. Next, that keeps you creative. Third, that keeps you healthy and balanced.

– Marta Padysz

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